We are successful restorators of the original gloss to the upholstered interior items. Our cleaning services of soft furniture, sofas, chairs, mattresses is the best professional offer on the market in Toronto and our highly qualified specialists are always ready to help!

Choosing the right cleaning method greatly depends on the type of the material, thus will advise you on the most suitable method for the cleaning only after the examination of the furniture item. Preserving the original look of the items is our top priority, thus we always take an individual approach to cater to the customer needs.

In order to restore an aesthetic appearance to the furniture material we recommend deep cleaning using our specialised cleaning equipment. We offer gentle and caring cleaning service using organic chemicals to achieve the best results without any damage to the structure of the fabrics.


Clean • n • Care provides professional services of cleaning of carpets and rugs with on-site visit in Greater Toronto Area. Our modern equipment and professional cleaning team will effectively deal with various types of contamination on all types of carpets:

  • woolen
  • silk
  • viscose
  • synthetic
  • We also offer delicate cleaning of the expensive Persian rugs with eco friendly products

Our professional team will carefully examine the carpeted area before proceeding with the cleaning process, it helps to determine the structure and the degree of the contamination in order to choose the right cleaning agent. Only then we begin our cleaning procedure on the carpeted area.


The best way to preserve item’s original texture and fiber is to apply a layer of protection from the start. It is highly technological step that shields the materials and provides a serious protection from various influences such as errasure, corrosions and stains. Shielding the surfaces will successfully resist abrasive load, aggressive effects of various chemical compounds, and provide an original appearance.
By using protection at the initial stage, the buyer extends the life of the product and makes it affordable to care for the product.

They are applied in a thin layer and polished over the surface. Such technique will establish the protective effect of the surface from the effects of abrasive elements.
We also recommend applying the protection layers after all types of cleaning or stain removals.

When ordering a detailing from Clean • n • Care our customers can opt in for a subscription for the maintenance of their furniture items or interior surfaces and we can guarantee the protective impregnations.


Over the years, the Clean • n • Care has accumulated significant experience in removing various odors and stains, including animal waste products. If there are external odors in your house such as urine, mold, burning, smoke, tobacco, unpleasant odors of animals, spoiled food, medicines and you want to disinfect and remove the odor then you can trust us with the task.

The formation of the stains especially with biological structure on upholstery, sofas, mattresses and carpets is directly related to the appearance of unpleasant odors. Once the moisture gets into the thickness of the product and then quite often the process of decomposition of organic matter begins which leads to the appearance of the persistent putrid smell, which further exacerbates the situation. This is due to the fact that liquids such as water, soap solutions, or even some cleaning products penetrate deep into the product and create a perfect environment for the development of bacterial and fungal flora. In order to stop this process, it is absolutely necessary to completely remove the contaminant and disinfect the contaminated area. At this stage it is usually impossible to do this independently without a special professional equipment and reagents, but we are always here to help.